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Quick & convinent

Short duration tournaments ensuring fast-paced action.

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Available 24*7

Pay on youe schedule, start when you have time.

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Bigs Wins Daily

Enjoy quick Games & quikers wins all day long.

How to join Sit & Go?

Pro players recommend these tips for Sit & Go Tournaments

  • Patience at the Start - Watch out for blind-level increases, adjust your play accordingly & maximize your winnings.
  • Use Calculated Aggression: To win Sit & Go tournaments, use a combination of skill and poker instincts. Be aggressive, but also be calculating.
  • Endgame Strategy: With fewer players, even a low-ranking hand can be a winner. Play with confidence.
  • Sit & Go tables can have 2-9 players.
  • Sit & Go tournament will start when the minimum number of users have joined or when the table is full.
  • Sit & Go tournaments are played like single-table tournaments. The tournament will be concluded in that single table, and winners will be declared.
  • Once a player registers for a Sit & Go tournament and then forgets to unregister or join the tournament, the Buy-in amount will not be refunded once the tournament starts.
  • PokerStars reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time during a promotion.
  • All standard PokerStars terms & conditions apply.