CASHFREE Deposits| instructions and time frames

Cashfree lets you deposit and withdraw from your user account via different payment methods.

What are the Cashfree options available to deposit?

You can deposit with any of the following Cashfree payment options:

  • Credit card or Debit card
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Net Banking
  • UPI

How do I deposit using Cashfree?

  1. Log in to your user account and go to the Cashier.
  2. Under the 'Deposit' tab, select 'More Payment Methods' to see all available options.
  3. Select 'Cashfree'.
  4. Select the Cashfree payment option you want to use:
    • Debit or credit card
    • Mobile wallet
    • Net banking
    • UPI
  5. Choose your preferred currency (if applicable).
  6. Select one of the suggested deposit amounts or enter a different one in the 'Other' field.
  7. Enter your 'Deposit Bonus' code (if available).
  8. Select the green arrow, and the system will redirect you to Cashfree's website.
  9. Once there, fill in the details of the option selected on step 4:
    • Credit card or Debit card (enter your card details):
      • Card number (16 digits without spaces)
      • Card expiry date (month/year)
      • Three-digit Card Verification Number (located on the back of your card)
    • Mobile Wallet (choose the mobile wallet you want to use)
    • Net Banking (choose your bank from the dropdown list.)
    • UPI (select the type of app you're using and insert your UPI ID)
  10. Fill in the requested information for the method selected and choose 'Pay'.

When will I receive my funds?

Depending on the deposit method you used, you can find the time frame below:

  • Credit cards: within 10 minutes, except for RuPay card, which can take up to 6 hours
  • Mobile Wallet: takes up to 10 minutes
  • Net Banking: takes up to 48 hours
  • UPI: takes up to 24 hours


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